Founded in 1972 and taken over by GBE in February 2012.

The company's main activities are forestry harvesting and timber processing for the European and American markets. The SIFERCO processing facilities located in Maluku, form an industrial complex that spreads over 24 ha along the Congo River.

This complex includes a sawmill with drying kilns, a log-slicing factory and a joiner's workshop.
The production capacity for the sawmill is 100.000 m3 and 12.000 m3 for the log-slicing factory.

SIFORCO has modern drying kilns with a drying capacity of 1000 m3 in order to dry the timber at the customer's request. Its log-slicing factory has a production capacity of 4 million m2 with a high-quality wood veneer, well known and respected throughout the world.

SIFERCO also has a processing line of sawn timber with a production capacity of approximately 90.000 m3 logs per year, intended for export as well as for the local market.

Its forestry concessions, about 1.200.000 ha, are located in Eastern, Equateur and Bandundu Provinces and produce valuable timbers such as Afrormosia, Wenge, Iroko, Acajou, Sipo, Sapelli, Dibetou, Kosipo and Tiama.

The floating timber is transported on rafts by river and the non-floating timber by pontoons. All are headed to the industrial site of Maluku. A major part (at least 70%) is transformed into limber or veneer. The rest in exported in logs.

SIFERCO sells goods that are certified SGS. The company has a certificate of Timber Legality and Traceability Verification - Production Legality (LP) - Verified Legal Timber (LV) - Chain of Custody (CoC) - TLTV Program.

Committed to managing its forests in a sustainable manner, SOFERCO's goal is to obtain the FSC international management certification.



Founded in 1990 is based in Rochefort-Sur-Mer.

SM France is the worldwide leader in the production of molded laminated tabletops for the HORECA industry.

SM France manufactures tabletops made of wood, glu and paper; the molding and layering technique by hot press provides an unequalled quality to the product, especially when it comes to resisting weather conditions.

Renowned for its design and creations, SM France now offers a complete range of "professional" products in their catalogue and via Internet "".

A large collection of tables, chairs, armchairs and stools provide a great choice of goods that are renewed each year depending on new trends, styles and markets.

SM France distributes its collection to specialist resellers. 65% of its turnover is generated through export in nearly 60 countries.

Quality, design, service, SM France innovates and creates a new brand in 2012 called "Quartiers d'été". This diversification targets the B to C market by providing design outdoor furniture. ""

SM France has 90 employees.
Production potential: 500.000 tabletops per year.
Surface area: 17.000 m2 of warehouses on a total surface area of 38.000 m2

SM France

Avenue des Bois Déroulés
Rochefort-Sur-Mer 17300.
T : 33 546821540, F : 33 546996520,