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A word from the President

So many things have happened in the last five years, date of our last publication !
The group, in full growth, has multiplied its activity by two. Some important internal mutations have allowed it to emerge in new sectors and have led it to disengage from others.

The agricultural sector remains at the core of the Group and absorbs the majority of its investments. In the next ten years, we plan on multiplying the production of palm oil by four and the production of rubber by two. After two years of implementation, the fourth rubber treatment factory is due to become operational this season. Convinced that agriculture will, over the coming years, become as instrumental to the economy of the DRC as the mines, we need to be at the forefront of this sector. The arrival of foreign investors is indisputable. If we want to remain leader, we will need to support and reinforce our program of new plantations.
The arrival of GBE in the forestry harvesting industry, by the acquisition of Siforco, was an investment in the future of this sector in DRC. The Congo possesses the largest rainforest in Africa yet only has a minor role among the tropical timber exporting countries. We are positive that forestry harvesting, as much as agriculture, will start developing very soon. This activity must evolve within the sustainability standards and with respect towards the environment. We are committed to maintaining Siforco’s production under the international TLTV accreditation and become once again FSC in the near future.

With the economic growth in DRC, tertiary sector companies witnessed their activity being multiplied by two. GTM is now part of the limited
circle of maritime representatives thanks to its partnership with PIL. BIAC confirms its leadership position in retail banking by increasing
their network of agencies across the country. The TFCE and NRJ companies, road and waterway transport, have seen their fleet
Some other companies have also come on board such as Login, Indigo, Sodep, Gekko’s and Kin Caillaisse, confirming
the importance of the tertiary sector within the Group.

Unfortunately, we have had to close our tyre factory, Cobra Tyre & Rubber. Due to the massive influx of exotic tyres at
unbeatable prices on the Congolese market, our activity was no longer competitive.

As to the future, it is ensured by the new Blattner generation, which is more and more implicated in the development of the Group.

By Mr Elwyn Blattner
President of the group