Services et Distributions

  • CMM
  • GTM
  • NRJ
  • SDE
  • SMS
  • TFCE


The Mongola Medical Center, created in 1991, is located at the heart of Kinshasa, in Gombe, n°48 Mongola Avenue.

The CMM ensures all medical and paramedical services, health care and hospitalization for independent patients as well as for employees of affiliated companies and their families.

The center features 4 buildings, housing:

  • 42 hospital beds
  • Fully equipped operating room
  • Intensive care unit
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Maternity ward
  • Laboratory
  • Medical imaging (radiology - scans - ultrasound)
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctor’s practices
  • Consultation rooms and private hospital rooms
  • Ambulance transport service

CMM is a reliable medical partner providing comprehensive medical services:

  • General Medicine Consultations
  • Surgery
  • Anesthesia - Intensive Care
  • Gynecology - Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Biology
  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Preventative Medicine

Multimodal Transport Group


GTM is located on the Route des Poids Lourds, where you will find the Executive Management, the Operational Management with its custom warehouses (EDP), free circulation warehouses and container parks as well as its Logistics Department.

In addition to its custom clearance and storage activities, GTM was the first company to develop the concept of logistics in the DRC.

GTM has established itself in all regions and sub-regions of the DRC.

GTM also benefits from the worldwide implementation of ECU-LINE, a global market leader in LCL shipments.



INDIGO was created in October 2012 from the joint venture between the Elwyn Blattner Group in DRC and the Savana Group in France.

INDIGO specializes in the distribution of chemical products for the industry, agriculture (fertilizers, plant protection products), livestock farming and water treatment plants (industrial and drinking water).

Exclusive distributor of the DIVERSEY product range in DRC, INDIGO provides a broad range of detergents for professional use.

With a 600 m2 warehouse on the Route des Poids Lourds in Limete – Kinshasa, INDIGO sells from stock or by directly supplying their customers.



The global solution for freight and mail shipping, from Europe and the USA to all major cities in DRC.

LOGIN was created in 2012. A procurement service is available for individuals and businesses from Europe and the United States.

The logistics department of air and ocean freight is responsible for the transport of all goods towards the DRC.

LOGIN is in contact with clients regarding orders, pick-ups and deliveries.

The company receives, delivers and dispatches goods towards the country’s inland if necessary.

Express mail solutions in both ways are also available.



Road Transport Company, NRJ, was founded in 2006 with the need to create a vertical integration of the logistics chain in the GBE group.

The company mainly operates on the Kinshasa-Matadi-Boma-Tschela axis.

Its trucks facilitate the Import/Export evacuation logistics of the Group’s companies and private customers since it connects Kinshasa to the river and sea.

NRH is the first company to implement road trains that include 2 semi-trailers connected to one and only tractor.

In March 2012, NRJ doubled its fleet, which now has a total of 65 trucks and 105 trailers.

For cargo handling, a 40-ton mobile crane operator, 3 heavy capacity low loaders and 2 Kalmar container cranes (forklift trucks of a 33-ton capacity/each, one in Kinshasa and the other in Matadi) now complete its fleet, making NRJ the leader of road transport in DRC.

There are currently 5 tank cars in accordance with standards that travel in Bas-Congo up to Muanda to transport fuel to Kinshasa.

NRJ is a licensed company for bonded and conventional transport.



By marketing Internet and intranet connections, ORIONCOM has become the lead provider of bandwidth in DRC.

In 2007, the company built a massive earth station in Kinshasa in accordance to the international telecommunication standards (UIT). It currently relies on a broadband satellite network based on 5 local loops (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu and Matada), which allows it to strategically cover the DRC territory. This star-shaped deployment gave rise to a home-based telecommunication network, which companies can rely on.

This infrastructure installed by ORIONCOM can be safely shared and made available to all economic players.

On top of preferential pricing and a superior bandwidth connection speed, all companies will have access to local sales and technical services, for satellite as well as network and computer support.

ORIONCOM is positioned as a telecommunication operator by providing immediate Internet and data connections to a professional market through satellite technology. Operational in DRC, its strategic positioning allows it to offer other related services such as the opening towards a broadband computing world and systems integration.


Strengthened by its experience and the quality of its network, ORIONCOM now provides three types of services to the economic players of the country:

  • ORION Connect : Web, VPM or IPBC (telephone center) throughout DRC thanks to various technologies such as microwave links or the VSAT system.
  • ORION Safety : securing life and property for client companies (video surveillance system, biometrics, access control systems ...).
  • ORION Integration : company IT optimization based on integrated solutions : ERP-THALIA (Management system : accounting, payroll, stock, business administration ...), server hosting, ATM, data backup, audit...



The SDE s.a company was created in 1964 and is located in Brussels. As the main Import/Export Company for several Congolese companies, SDE supplies these businesses with services and support that are essential for their development and expansion.

Import :

SDE imports and markets worldwide the productions of companies implanted in DRC. The products are essentially raw materials such as rubber, cocoa and tropical timber (logs and sawn wood). Amongst their suppliers are the following companies: SCAM, BLE, SCC Binga and Bosondjo.

Export :

SDE also supplies raw materials, various tools and equipment, which are crucial to the proper functioning, maintenance and upgrading of the Group’s production tools.
The large variety of activities in DRC (plantations, production factories, timber and wood processing, telecommunications, river and road transport and various services) implies a permanent monitoring of all markets and suppliers.

Logistique :

With more than 50 years of field experience, SDE created the LOGIN division in 2012, an express mail and cargo shipping company from Europe and the United States to major cities in DRC.

The SDE-Login has a team of 12 experienced employees, committed to their clients and suppliers.
Its major assets are flexibility and a strong sense of reactivity which allow it to adapt and offer solutions in any given circumstance.


The SMS Company is divided into 3 business segments:

  • The technical department, which manages the installation and maintenance of equipment such as air conditioners and generators. The company also intervenes in case of emergency tasks in buildings that need immediate assistance.
  • The research department dedicated to the assessment and planning of projects, is in charge of making quotations and obtaining administrative building permits.
  • The construction department, which after site assessment, carries out all construction projects as well as repair and renovation work.

SMS’s success is due to the fact that the company is determined to provide the highest construction quality with appropriate methods and experienced employees.

SMS has completed major construction projects in Kinshasa as well as the inland of the country such as in Kikwit, Boma, Moanda...


SODEP: Equatorial Petroleum Company, founded in 2005 and taken over by GBE in 2012, has for main activity: importation, transport, storage and sale of petroleum products in DRC. The company is very present in the Bas-Congo region and Kinshasa.

Sodep's headquarters are located in Kinshasa in the NRJ offices, 5275, Muzu Avenue, in the Kingabwa-Limete neighborhood.

The company has the capacity to carry 252 M³ with 6 tank cars and 2 Magirus Deutz trucks of 15 M³ in order make deliveries in the city.

In 2010, SODEP built its first gas station in Muanda.

It is the only gas station in Muanda.

The main goal in the coming years is to expand our distribution network.

Our main clients are road and waterway transport operators.


Founded in April 1976 and focused on river transport and port activities.

TFCE ensures the river transport of goods in DRC for its clients. It also manages the transport of various essential products for the Group’s factories as well as the evacuation of their productions.

We also transport all types of goods from Kinshasa to the inland of the country: fuel, sugar, flour, salt, cement, engineering equipment and so on.

In return, we evacuate local productions: wood, coffee, corn, cassava, beans, peanuts, rubber, palm oil...

We are also able to provide port services such as transit, storage, loading and unloading, crane operations and boat docking.

TFCE is the leader in DRC for heavy transport convoys of more than 2.500 tons.

We can thus transport more than 60 - 20' containers or 100 pieces of heavy machinery (shippers, motor graders, trucks...) in one single convoy.

TFCE offers a reliable and effective service for all national and bordering international river transport.