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The GBE Group is one of the key partners for development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The group has three fundamental means, three NGO’s, which allow it to reach rural communities in terms of health, education and basic infrastructures.

Rural Congolese Health : SRC

Founded in 1998, SRC provides help within the health care sector.

This NGO operates in Tshela, Imbolo, Yalusaka, Basankusu, Lisafa, Ndeke, Binga and Bosondjo.

Overall, the SRC consists of 3 referral general hospitals, 4 medical centers and 38 health clinics.

Its objectives are:

Rural Congolese Development : DRC

Founded in 1998, the D.R.C. focuses primarily on creating and developing bridges and feeder roads for the agricultural sector, particularly in the plantations.

Rural Education for All : ERT

The "Rural Education for All" NGO is the primary means by which GBE provides help in the field of education. The NGO is present in all regions where the GBE group is active.

Each school has a kinder-garden and a primary school.